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End Shoplifting With Our Turnstile Security Solutions

Prevent shoplifting and enhance traffic flow with our turnstile entrances. Our products are easy to set up, require no additional infrastructure, and feature high-quality designs you can customize to fit your brand.

The direct costs of theft can hurt

But what is more painful are the indirect costs. Lost sales, low employee morale, and an overall bad reputation can drive customers away faster than a shoplifter can walk out your front door. Our turnstiles provide a powerful visual deterrent that stops shoplifters in their tracks, preventing thievery and saving you money.

What is a security turnstile for?

The Integral Security Solutions team works with you to develop customized turnstile security solutions to boost turnover, reduce shrinkage, and improve the traffic flow of your location.




Can a security turnstile gate reduce shoplifting?

Reduce theft with security turnstiles: 

Yes! Turnstiles keep shoplifters from entering the store and stealing merchandise. Since they can't get through the revolving gate, thieves must find another way to avoid paying for their stolen goods.

Improves Traffic flow: 

Turnstiles are also helpful in managing traffic flow within your store. With an integrated system, you can limit how many people enter at once and assign different entry points based on where they're shopping. This makes it easier for customers to find what they are looking for without having to wait in line or feel lost in the crowd.


How do turnstiles work?

Increased sales: 

Turnstiles assist shoppers to pay for products before leaving the store. It encourages traffic flow and could reduce the number of people who enter through the entrance at any given time if needed.  Shoppers can enjoy improved traffic flow through the cashier lanes with less congestion and the store owners reduces shoplifting and theft by deterring exits through the entrance. The Return on investment can be seen within months of turnstile installation.

Will security turnstiles reduce theft?

Reduce Security Costs: Turnstiles also help reduce security costs because they make it easier for you to identify potential thieves when they enter your store and then again when they exit. This helps reduce the need for additional security personnel.

Where are security turnstile options available?

Security is a top priority for all businesses, but it can be especially important for stores. Our turnstile security is an excellent way to keep your business safe. We provide turnstile security services to a wide range of retail venues. Our goal is to keep your property safe and secure while maximizing your customers' shopping experience. We offer on site turnstile security systems recommendation services in Canada and in the USA. 















Custom-designed turnstiles that met your needs

Each turnstile we install is custom-designed to suit your specific needs. This ensures that it operates efficiently and reliably for years to come. Our technicians will also provide ongoing maintenance services for your turnstiles so that they continue to work properly without any issues or malfunctions that could compromise the safety of your customers.

Turnstile security gates on-site services

Our security staff can work in any environment, and they are always ready to install or repair your turnstile security systems. We also offer the installation of new security equipment if you need to replace your old ones. Our technicians will arrive at your location on time, and they will complete the job quickly and efficiently.














Are turnstile security systems worth the cost?

Yes! Paying off the turnstile security systems cost in less than 6 months is beneficial to retail business owners. Our turnstiles are designed with cost-effectiveness in mind, so they won't break the bank while still providing high-quality performance. Whether it's a simple repair or an installation of new equipment, you can depend on us for all your turnstile needs. 

Which security turnstiles are best for retail?

The security audit will determine the best security turnstiles for your business. Determining factors include the number of customers per day that pass through your entrance, the type of retail store and products that you sell, and the level of security needs. Our integrated security solutions will provide you with a custom turnstile quote to meet your business needs. We offer a variety of security turnstile options for you. This can include: electronic swing gates, self closing swing gate, and pedestrian gates for retail store gates.   

Can you help improve the entrance security?

Yes! We have helped businesses across Canada and the USA to improve entrance security with custom turnstile security systems to reduce theft and shoplifting attempts and improve your revenue in as little as a few months. 

What types of turnstiles do you have? 

Integral Security Solutions has many types of loss prevention retail products in Canada and the USA. Our retail security products include popular entrance security equipment like the manual swing gate, electronic swing gate, self closing swing gate also known as the spring return swing gate. These are all effective security turnstile gate options according to your specific needs. 

Additionally, we have an automatic gate for entrances at retail stores and a manual push gate. This can sometimes be referred to as the pedestrian gate. We are the leaders in the field of retail asset protection providing you with custom quotes.  

What do security turnstiles cost?

To determine the security turnstiles cost for your store, our security consultants will audit the overall need to improve entrance security and reduce shoplifting actions from the entrance traffic flow to the exit points.  You will be provided with a security turnstile gate custom quote with your store audit details included in the audit. 

Why do turnstile security systems work? 

Turnstile security systems work by reducing the opportunities for theft and shoplifting from your entrance points through to your cash register lane. Improving traffic flow and congestion in the cash lane will improve the overall customer experience.  Contact us to learn more about the endless possibilities with our turnstile security.

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