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Turnstile Security FEATURES 

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Integrated Security Sytems Reduce Theft 

Working with the integrative security systems experts at Integral Solve can help you with loss prevention techniques. Our turnstiles are able to deter shoplifting and improve your bottom line quickly.  Our integrated security solutions can integrate into your current CCTV security cameras, store layout, and current EAS. 











Turnstile security solutions custom fit for your store

We work closely with retail shop owners across North America to create custom turnstile security gates to improve traffic flow, organize cash lanes and reduce the opportunities for theft. 

Loss Prevention Retail Store Systems across North America

Learn About Security Gates For Retail Stores

Our turnstile security gate experts can fit your retail store with the appropriate integrated security system that is easy to use, organizes traffic flow and lowers the chance of shoplifting. We have many turnstiles to choose from. These include electronic turnstile gates, self closing swing gate options, and motorized swing gate options. View our range of retail store security gates now!  

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