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The leading provider of entrance

and cash lane security solutions

Customize Store Traffic Flow to Reduce Retail Loss

For over 15 years, we've been customizing winning entrance security solutions for retailers to reduce shrinkage from shoplifting and ORC (Organized Retail Crime), and improve traffic flow in the way retailers want traffic moving through their stores.


With shoplifting and ORC increasing, deterrence, reduced retail loss, and improved traffic flow all start with the right entrance security system.



Reduce theft


Improve your  bottom line


Keep the entrance an entrance


Custom Retail Security Designs That Grow With Your Needs

  • Build a partnership together to grow your business 

  • Choose from a variety of security gate options to suit your needs

  • Security gate designers use logical and effective store layouts & traffic flow plans

  • Full Service from security turnstile design to installation, we are with you through the whole process

We Can Help You With Turnstile Security Solutions!  


Do you know how secure your store entrances are?

You have put a lot of effort and money into growing your business and you want to protect your assets. Unfortunately, loss attributed to shoplifting is a major challenge for retailers.


With our custom-tailored entrance security solutions, we make sure you get only the best store entrance security to reduce shoplifting and theft—a solid investment that will improve your bottom line.

turnstile gates for retail

Leaders In Retail Store Entrance Security

The retail industry is one of the most competitive sectors in the world. With companies constantly vying for customers, businesses must innovate and evolve to stay ahead of the competition. The first step toward doing so is to protect your assets from theft and loss. 


We are leaders in providing customized store entrance security gate solutions to prevent shoplifting, improve traffic flow, and increase sales. Our patented store entrance security products and services have helped retailers reduce shrinkage while enhancing the shopping experience.

Store entrance integrated security gate solutions can help you protect your business:


  • Prevents theft and fraud by restricting access to the cash register area

  • Deters and diverts thieves

  • ​Enforces a defined one-way traffic system throughout the store with retail store gates

  • ​Helps to keep employees, customers, and merchandise secure

  • Reduces shrinkage from shoplifting and ORC

  • ​Reduces the need for additional staff to monitor entrance and exit

  • Protects store from unpaid returns at customer service

  • ​Protects unattended cash lanes

security turnstile gate

Comprehensive Loss Prevention Retail-Specific Solutions:

For over 15 years, we have been customizing entrances for retailers. From design and installation to service and support, we will be there every step of the way. Keep your customers safe, reduce shrinkage and optimize store operations with Integral Security Solutions! 

High-Quality Turnstile Security Gate Products To Protect Your Business

turnstiles gate in row

Industry Leaders in Asset Protection:

When you partner with us, you’re working with industry pioneers with decades of experience.


Our store entrance integrated security systems specialists analyze each unique situation and customize entrances with your goals and budget in mind.


Industry leaders: Our company is comprised of seasoned professionals who provide asset protection solutions like drop arm turnstile security gate and loss prevent retail oriented protection options that are custom designed to meet individual needs. Whether you are a retailer or building owner, our ultimate goal is the same—to help you reduce shrink and improve your bottom line. Learn more about retail security gates


Integrated Security Systems For Retail Stores Reduces Theft Opportunities

We can help you quickly reduce theft.


Let's talk about your stores' loss prevention plan now! 

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